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Semiconductor technology is an important pillar and driving force of the network
Release Time:2017-09-25 14:54:03


  Semiconductor technology FinFET inventor Hu Zhengming said, because of semiconductor technology breakthrough, the speed and popularity of the Internet is still a thousand times the growth of space.
  Held in Wuzhen China Third World Internet Conference, held this year for the first time "the world's leading scientific and technological achievements of Internet publishing activities", experts at home and abroad by collecting network experts and selected 15 technical achievements of the most sophisticated and most innovative business model. Hu Zhengming and his research team led a breakthrough in the miniaturization of semiconductors is one of them.
  Hu Zhengming led the U.S. team at Berkeley University of California, will be made into a vertical two-dimensional transistor innovative three-dimensional "FinFET", let the semiconductor micro space growth, and pioneered by Intel. Today, HUAWEI, Samsung, millet, Apple says he's in the use of this technology, semiconductor products, network technology is an important pillar and driving force, through this new technology, can improve network speed and cost, network speed and popularity there are hundreds of thousands of times the growth space.
  Hu Zhengming served as TSMC's first technology, he is also the U.S. National Academy of engineering, China Academy of Sciences. China Hu Zhengming told the Central News Agency, Taiwan in the semiconductor industry is the advantage of the development of early history, have the talent and experience. In recent years, the competition between the two sides in the semiconductor industry, he said, "business cooperation and competition, it is difficult, but hope is a healthy competition.". As to how long it will take the continent to catch up in the semiconductor field, he thinks it is difficult to assess.
  Leading scientific and technological achievements released in November 16th, including IBM Watson, Tesla second generation automatic brain computer aided driving hardware, Microsoft HoloLens, HUAWEI 960 augmented reality glasses kylin mobile phone chips, Qualcomm 5G communication technology innovation, Samsung composite biological signal processor, almost all related to semiconductor applications.

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